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Offshore developers built for your project, the best fit, and the best trained.


The best nearshore talent and the best training, designed for your needs, hands down. 

Direct Placement

Developers placed directly with your company and built to help your project and organization succeed. 


The world’s most complete developer and technical training – designed for your project and industry. 


A New Approach to Offshore and Nearshore Outsourcing

A dedicated team of the world’s best trained developers and technical professionals, custom fit for your needs, and with a money-back guarantee. Work with DEVUPP to build your team and specialized developer training program, or even hire a single developer to get the ball rolling!   


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Header Designs


Element Designs

Multipurpose Business Child Theme for Divi

Using the Molti Multipurpose Child Theme, you can set up any kind of Website whether It’s Consulting, Agency, Renovation or Plumber, and many more. It’s ready for everything with Its Modern and Fantastic Design and Functionalities. So Take it for Spin!


Page Designs


Footer Designs


Header Designs


Element Designs

Design Down, Develop Up – the human side of the process…

The Design Down, Develop Up Process was created with software development in mind. We have taken it a step further into advancing the experience of developers and customers who need software development and engineering. Our process enhnaces the experience of building software by focusing on the experience first, and engineering the human components to fit. 

Advancement and Training Built Right In

Every developer and technical professional hired through DEVUPP comes with a customized training regimen built around your needs and designed to continuously improve your staff, their efficiency, communication skills, development expertise, and understanding of your industry domain. 

Our training program creates the best educated and most prepared developers who understand your industry, needs, and their role better than anyone. Our training works around your development schedule and focuses on improving the weakest areas in your team first, to ensure you have the most efficient and effective team, at a budget that makes sense. 


12 Technical Careers Ready for your Project

Our developers and technical professionals are looking for their next big career move. Here are 12 technical careers ready to be hired onto your project, guided by our US based Project Success Team. 

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Web Appliction Developer

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Mobile App Developer

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Desktop Developer

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DevOps Engineer

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Data Engineer

View Demo 

Software Architect

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Data Scientist

View Demo 

AI/ML Specialist

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Support Agent

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Systems Analyst

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Graphic Designer

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User Experience Designer

Ready Now & Continously Improving

Assemble the Right Team, and SEE THEM. 

Assemble a team of developers right now that not only continuously improves, but also comes along with the tools you need to better oversee that team, understand its strengths and weaknesses, get to know them better, and communicate more transparently. All of this oriented to ensure you can build deeper relationships, more commitment, and get better service than any other offshore company out there. 

The DEVUPP platform allows you to see your developers skills, background, training, and progress – and is your gateway to building the perfect team, and managing cost and growth in a way that no other company offers. 



Amazingly Effective Tools

Each and every hire at DEVUPP comes along with the DEVUPP Platform, and gives you access to six awesome management tools that will drive your developer productivity and help you constantly improve quality.


Start Improving Now

Every developer and technical professional hired through DEVUPP has an custom designed training regimen oriented around your industry, project, and company. 5 different daily trainings, all geared toward a better software and mobile application development experience for you and the developer.  Build a team that knows your needs inside and out, and gets better every day. 

Better Connection. More Dedication.


Learn and share more with YOUR TEAM than ever before.

An offshore and nearshore experience is often an exercise in hiring a temporary “filler” for your team. Many companies accept a less than perfect member to supplement their needs. Our approach allows you to focus on a budget conscious approach to selecting and continuously improving your team member from top talent across the globe.  

Continuous Learning means you always have the best.

There will never be anyone better prepared.

Our specialized learning tracks, customized to your needs means that you will never find a person better prepared to be a part of your team. We focus our ongoing learning track on your projects information domain, and continually train our team on your technical stack. 

50+ Icons Included

50+ Awesome Icons Provided Separately (PNG)

You’ll get all the Icons used in Molti separately, we’ve added them separately because they might be useful for you some time. And yes they are free to use.

Every Layout as Shortcode

Molti has a built-in option to use every Layout (Saved in your Library) as a Shortcode providing you more ways to insert and use Divi Builder in different places where Divi can’t be used.

One-Click Demo Importer

Molti provides an easy way to Import all the Demo Content the came with it. After Installing the Theme you’ll click once and It will Import all the Demo Content in a few seconds.

Amazing Functionalities

Molti Provides some really cool Functionalities that you haven’t seen before. Using these amazingly custom-designed elements you can easily grab anyone’s attention. 

Unique Elements Designs

50+ Amazing Elements Designs 

Molti Provides more than 50 Unique Elements/Custom Divi Module Designs which are just fantastic to the eyes. We’ve separated a few of them which are just Fantabulous for you to use later.

More Benefits of DEVUPP

Modern Design

Molti Provides a Complete Modern Design and Amazing Illustrations.

Awesome Support

We Provide Support for Six Months after the Purchase of Molti.

Divi 4.0 Ready

Molti is born ready for Theme Builder with many Theme Builder Templates.

100% Responsive Design

It comes with 100% responsiveness, so your site can be viewed from any device.

Easy Demo Import

You can easily import all the Demo Content in just one click after Installing.

Amazing Functionalities

Molti Provides many cool Functionalities that you haven’t seen before.

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Create the best new technology in any domain using a team of custom trained experts at prices competitive with the best offshore and nearshore outsourcing firms.

What are you waiting for? If you aren’t using DEVUPP then you simply aren’t using the best. Our teams get better every week, meaning we will always have the best. 

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